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Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday Pop Ups in Evanston

Twice this week I've scored affordable and unique last-minute holiday gifts at pop ups in Evanston. If you've got last-minute shopping to get done this holiday season, don't panic, Evanston has two very cool pop ups filled with merchandise for your shopping needs.

Adersonville Galleria Pop Up
1636 Orrington Ave.
Evanston IL 60201
Phone: 773-878-8570
Description: Local artists & unique gifts. Open until December 31.
Purchased: I scored two containers of dessert sauces (caramel and chocolate) created by an artisan sauce maker in Wisconsin. The two glass jars of sauce came packaged in a crafty, handmade wooden box that can be reused.
Gift recipient: my friend's parents who have everything to include an adorable grand daughter who will love this yummy sauce on the the ice cream sundaes grandma makes.
Damage: $30 (which I signed and paid for on an iPad, making the shopping experience feel so pop-uppy
Service: Awesome! The sales clerk let us in after hours (she saw us peering in the windows) and led us through the store and merchandise selections.

Pop Up Boutique
1307 1/2 Chicago Ave.
Evanston IL 60202
Phone: 847-205-1516
Description: Jewelry, clothes, art, baskets. Open until December 24.
Purchased: One lovely pair of earrings.
Gift recipient: My friend who has epic taste in fashion and has an amazing jewelry collection.
Damage: $24 (which I also signed and paid for on an iPad, making the shopping experience feel so pop-uppy
Service: Fantastic! The sales clerks asked me lots of questions about the gift recipient and then even shot down my original choice, recommending some a little more special. I totally appreciate that.

Let me know if you hear of any more pop ups in Evanston and I will add them to my list!


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  1. Thanks for this. I'm not a shopper, but you've inspired me. Before the end of the year you must, MUST I say, get to Bookman's Alley, behind Saville Flowers at 1712 Sherman. Hopefully Roger Carlson will be there. Nice guy. Wonderful shop.